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What to do in the Best Experience Tours Agency tours to get to know Havana?

The Capitol, the Cathedral, the Great Theater of Havana, the Christopher Columbus Cemetery, the University of Havana, the Plaza de Armas, the Cristo de La Habana, are places that cannot be missed in the itinerary or tours of every traveler who Visit Havana.

But the tours in Havana offered by Best Experience allow you much more than just visiting them. They are a unique experience in which you will learn about architecture, history, religion, traditions, culture, economy and other aspects of Cuba and its people.

Walking tour in Historic Center – Tours in Havana

First of all, we have our tour at the historic center of the city that begins with the Fountain of India, located on Paseo del Prado Avenue and Monte Calzada. It is a representation where the image of the mythical Indian Havana, wife of chief Habaguanex, regent of the area before the arrival of Columbus, which is believed to take the name of the capital of Cuba.

Next, we will observe the emblematic Havana Capitol, built in 1929 and currently one of the city’s architectural icons. Inside we can find different rooms such as the Hall of Lost Steps, named for its exceptional acoustics, in whose center is the statue of the Republic, a gigantic bronze woman that symbolizes the virtue and work of the people.

Other interesting rooms of the building are the Baire Hall, the Marti Hall, the Baraguá Hall, which was used as a work area for the secretaries of the House of Representatives; and the Bolívar Room. We will also appreciate other sites of great cultural relevance such as the Great Theater of Havana, one of the largest opera houses in the world and the headquarters of the National Ballet of Cuba, the National Lyric Theater and the Spanish Ballet of Cuba.

We will continue along Paseo del Prado Avenue, where you will be able to appreciate exhibitions of Cuban plastic and photography artists.

Paseo del Prado- Tour en la habana

Tours in Havana enriched by Cuban art and culture

You will be able to witness interesting places like El Túnel de La Habana, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Floridita bar, these are going to be places where our excursion will stop, which will be the reason for not missing a second of our guided tour. The Havana tunnel is one of the 7 wonders of Cuban civil engineering.

In the Museum of Fine Arts that was designed by the architect Alfonso Rodríguez Pichardo, there is a permanent exhibition of artistic treasures consisting of 940 works grouped in 4 conceptual nuclei: Art in the Colony, Change of the Century, Modern Art and Contemporary Art, which highlights the series of great Cuban masters such as Fidelio Ponce, Víctor Manuel, Carlos Enríquez and Wilfredo Lam and finally the bar.

The Floridita bar is considered the cradle of the Daiquiri and was very frequented by Hernest Hemingway, who considered it the best bar in the world.

bar floridita de la habana
Continuing our excursion on foot, we will take the busy Obispo Street, through which we will enter the heart of Old Havana. In this area, you can discover, in addition to numerous colonial constructions such as the Palace of the General Captains, the Castle of the Royal Force and the Temple, the way of life of the Cubans and Cubans who reside there.

One of the biggest attractions of this tour is to be able to contemplate the Havana Malecon, the different squares of the historic center, as well as the famous statue of the Knight of Paris. Your passage through the Old Square and the Beer House will show you a fun and cheerful Havana.

Finishing the Walking Tour in Havana

casa de la cerveza- recorrido en la Habana
We will finish our excursion in the Cathedral, a majestic church surrounded by houses that belonged to former counts and marquises. As it is a walking tour, we will enter only the places that arouse real interest.

tour auto clasico

Classic car tour through the city of Havana

Second, we offer our tour in a classic car, without a doubt the best option to get to know the rest of the city. The tour takes place in a convertible car from the 1950s that will allow you to enjoy fascinating panoramic views.

plaza de la Revolucion- tour en auto clasico
During this walk you can also visit some of the most emblematic places of the city that are not found in the Historic Center such as the Plaza de la Revolucion, scene of many of the acts and events of the Cuban Revolution and today, the town’s meeting place Cuban to celebrate or commemorate important dates such as the May Day parade, the José Martí Memorial, the Christopher Columbus Cemetery, one of the most important cemeteries in the country and resting place of important Cuban personalities.

The Chinese Cemetery, civil construction of great historical and unique importance of that kind in our country, the Havana forest, the National Hotel, the Castillo de la Real Fuerza, the Cristo de La Habana, majestic and colossal statue found in the entrance of the Port of Havana and icon of the city, el Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro and the Fortress of San Carlos de La Cabaña.

castillo de la real fuerza en la habana

Discover incredible places from the tours in Havana, especially in the classic car tour

The Paseo del Prado, Paseo avenue and Quinta Avenida are examples of important arteries of Havana that will be traveled during the tour, but the most impressive is undoubtedly the Paseo del Malecón, with its beautiful views towards the sea, its usual fishermen and the pleasant breeze that characterizes it.

One of the advantages of this tour is that it starts and ends just where you want, that is, you will decide the pick-up and end point of the tour.

If you visit Havana, do not miss the fantastic opportunity to walk its streets accompanied by Best Experience Tours with its offer of tours in Havana. Discover with us a different Havana full of charm, reflecting the joviality of its inhabitants, its history and its culture.

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